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Julianne Santini Julianne Santini, RN PHN
Living Light, LLC Owner
Alternative Holistic Practitioner/Energy Therapist

Introduction: While working as an oncology nurse and nursing instructor, Julianne realized the need to integrate mind, body and spirit as integral parts of the healing process.
Today, Julianne's private practice focuses on personal transformation through energy balancing and coaching.
She facilitates private sessions for adults, adolescents and children using methods from an extensive background of healing modalities and energy psychology.

Approach: Julianne is committed to the mission of personal and global transformation. She is passionate about creating sacred space for private sessions and groups that empower participants to make positive changes in their lives, raise the consciousness of the planet, and build sacred community. As a practitioner, she meets clients where they are. She listens to their language and determines where there is pain and suffering in their lives. Through practical tools and energy work, Julianne bring awareness, relief, and a new way of being. She often asks, “If I had a magic wand and could give you anything, what would that be?” With renewed freedom and choice, she teaches clients how to dream, and how to make those dreams a reality with the release of attachments, proper alignment, and right rhythm and timing. Julianne uses a magical blend of healing arts and sciences and helps each person to be the biggest, brightest version of him or herself. It is from this place that she mentors groups to come together for their grandest of collaborations.

Education: Julianne is Master-Instructor in the following healing arts: Usui, Shamballa and Karuna Reiki (Japanese/Tibetan healing arts), Integrated Energy Therapy (angelic modality), Magnified Healing (violet flame modality), A Course in Light (multi-dimensional healing and meditations) and Transformational Healing (light modality connect to the essential Self).

She is a certified practitioner in the following healing sciences: Theta Healing (advanced DNA therapy), Inner Powers Healing, Mastering Your 3rd Eye, 7 Rays of Creation & Human Nature, 7 Cycles to Harmonize Your Life, Inner Renewal Meditation (ESOCEN healing sciences) and the Melchizedek Method (holographic dimensional healing utilizing sacred geometry).

Julianne is also a Shamanic Practitioner, a member of the Society for Shamanic Studies, and a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. She trained extensively and traveled around the world to be with Elders, Master Teachers, Chakarunas and Enlightened Masters, beginning in 2005. Supported by the grace of these Teachers & their training, opened a private practice focused on personal transformation through energy healing and coaching.


Past: Her prior professional experience includes being an owner and manager of Living Light LLC, a wellness center in New Hampshire from 2005-2015, a manager for Doctor’s Express, an urgent care center in Massachusetts from 2013-2014, and a practitioner with Rocky Mountain Counseling and Wellness Center in Colorado from 2015-2016.


Location: Currently, Julianne has partnered with Sondermind-Whole Person Wellness. Working out of the Lakewood, Colorado branch, she facilitates private sessions for adults, adolescents and children. She is also available for seminars and classes on healing arts and sciences with an integrated approach to health and wellness.


Specialties: Julianne’s coaching specialties are: life changes and transition, anxiety and depression, chronic illness, death and dying, grief-work, relationship issues, and spiritual seeking. Her teaching specialties are : 7-Life Cycles Analysis for business and home, training programs in meditation, energy modalities (ie, Integrated Energy Therapy), and shamanism. Julianne also facilitates sacred travel and leads spiritual and transformational journeys to international destinations.


Julianne Santini, RN PHN
Living Light, LLC Owner
phone: 603-494-5571
E-mail: JS@LivingLightLLC.com


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