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Welcome to Living Light News! * Monthly Events *

~ Humanity in Unity Meditation Center

Come learn simple and practical meditation techniques to help you discover the silence of inner peace while renewing your energy for the challenges of daily living. All are welcome, beginners and experienced meditators alike!

1st and 3rd Monday of each month 7pm, $20 suggested donation

Join our meet-up group for all local HIU Center events and registration:

For questions, contact HIU co-chairs Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571 or Ilene Fischer 603-654-5981. (Congratulations Jen Camann on the new HIU Center in Manchester!)

~ Energy Share

Are you an energy practitioner that would like to come share your gifts and hone your skills? Come be a part of a supportive network of practitioners. Practitioners of ALL healing modalities and of ALL levels of certification welcome.

2nd Thursday of each month, 6-8:30pm, $10 fee

For questions, please contact Master Instructor, Helen Cormier, at 603-434-5131 or reikisport@aol.com for more information. Thank you also to Nancy Dancause for facilitation!

~ Psychic/Medium Practice Group

This monthly meeting is a great way to develop your intuitive skills. Each week, there will be teachings on different techniques, meditation, Q and A, as well as active practice time for everyone. The group will meet with open-hearted compassion in a judgment-free zone allowing for a safe and sacred space to learn and grow your gifts.

1st Thurs of each month, 7-9pm, $15 fee
(No class in Nov due to Lauren's travels to Egypt!)

Pre-registration is helpful, however, walk-ins are welcome. Contact facilitator, Lauren Rainbow, at 603-674-6580 or laurensrainbow@gmail.com.
Welcome to the Sixteenth Edition of the "Living Light News!"

Our goal is to provide you with an integrated approach to physical and energetic wellness. We offer pioneering healing technologies and advanced tools for spiritual growth.

Living Light creates sacred space for individual sessions and group classes that will empower you to live healthier, be happier and grow faster.

- Unlimited Creative Potential
Often we begin to stretch out wings and explore our creativity, and an insidious little voice in our heads prevents us from moving forward.

It might say, "I'm not good enough," or "I don't know how." There is also "I'm not safe" or the all-popular "I don't have enough time."

Do you recognize any of these voices from the past? They all represent a core belief upon which we base our decisions. There is one thing they all have in common; they sabotage change!

Are you ready to make a change in your life and step forward into your true purpose but are scared stiff?

Looking at core beliefs is part of the healing process. Oakley Ogdon will do just that in her class Beyond Beliefs, Perceptions & Projections. Come learn how to transform your limiting experiences to create a new unbounded expression of Self! Then, after healing and discovering who you truly are, your energy is free to engage in the world in a whole new way.

Are you with people who support your growth?

We all deserve people in our lives that can support us as we start to create positive futures in the world. Two such people are Laura Turlington and Luca DiMatteo. Their year-long CoreConnecting Intensive is designed to motivate you to live life purposefully. They teach you how to create sustainable alignment with personal aspirations and offer grounded techniques to bring your heart's desire to the next level!

Are you willing to trust that you have the ability to create a good life for yourself?

I have total faith in you and your creative potential. Trust yourself to make a conscious decision to live a healthy present and future. Take action and step into a community that is here to encourage and inspire. I will be your biggest cheerleader as you choose to redirect your creative energy to manifesting life-supportive situations and relationships.

With great love,
Julianne Santini
Living Light Manager

- Looking ahead to 2011 -

I am already looking ahead to the class creations for 2011. Living Light will have many new monthly offerings.

In Jan of 2011, we will be offering a new Shamanic Circle and Native Talking Circle for Adults and Children.

In the spring of 2011, we intend to start Red Tent Gatherings and Youth/Teen Empowerment Classes. Thank you so much for the cooperation and inspiration of so many talented practitioners!

(The new course listings for 2011 will be posted in the Jan edition of the Living Light Newsletter. Stay tuned!)

- Sponsored Events

* SHAMANISM with Julianne Santini

Julianne Santini is a graduate of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies 3-Year Advanced Healing Program and Sandra Ingerman's 2-Year Shamanic Teacher Training. She is a member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. Come learn about one of her passions!

*Basic Shamanic Journeying:
Sun, Oct 10, & Sun, Oct 24, 9am-5pm, $165

The shamanic journey crosses the dimensional barrier between time and space. During this journey, the practitioner communicates with spirit helpers and then brings back guidance or healing to assist an individual or community. Come join our circle and learn how to meet and work with your power animals and spirit helpers. Learn about core shamanism, the original role of the shaman in indigenous societies, and the keys to successful journeying in a modern society. Please bring: a journal, bandana or eye-cover, a journey blanket, a rattle, and a rock the size of the palm of your hand. (*This class is a pre-requisite for all other shamanic classes taught at Living Light.)

*Soul Retrieval

Congratulations to dedicated students, Andrea Klim & Jane Bright, for completion of this advanced curriculum! Also, a special thank you to the shamanic community for attending the Fire Ceremony on 9/11, supporting their initiatory experience as well as being ready to step more fully into your purpose!

*Angels on Assignment, one-on-one training

This private training is open to those experienced in meditation and/or shamanic journeying. Learn how to journey using your light vehicle and recognize yourself as an "ANGEL ON ASSIGNMENT." Each session is designed to assist you in anchoring a new frequency of light for personal growth as well as healing for the planet. Also, practice a series of meditation processes focusing on the keys and codes of consciousness to strengthen your energy body and Soul connection. (*NOTE: For those who have taken this training, stay tuned for an "Angels on Assignment Gathering" in 2011 to work together as a community!)

*New Shamanic Circle:
Mon, Oct 25, & Mon, Nov 22, 7-9pm

Are you interested in being a member of a shamanic community that will gather monthly to deepen your own personal practice? Come attend two planning meetings to dream this circle into being. The Oct meeting will focus on the needs and wants of the shamanic community as well as the gifts and inspiration of the group. The Nov meeting will seed the group intention/mission and take a deeper look at the format and the flow of the gatherings for 2011.

Pre-registration is needed for all above classes/sessions. Please contact shamanic practitioner, Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571 or @ JS@LivingLightLLC.com.

with Oakley Ogden

Oakley Ogen has been a student of her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi for many years. Graduating with a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University, Oakley synthesizes her trainings to guide groups and individuals into the understanding that everything is energy and that all gross levels of attachments, burdens, and conflict hold an essence of peace, love and light that is ready to live through us given the chance. Oakley is ready to help you give your essence the chance to shine!

*Beyond Beliefs, Perceptions and Projections~ Discovering the Truth of Who You Are: Sat, Oct 16, 9am-4pm, $108
(*additional date and location: Sun, 10am-3pm, $88, at 156 Pead Hill Rd, Wilton)

In this workshop, accessing and utilizing a childhood experience, you will explore the beliefs, projections and perceptions that have formulated your life as you live it today. Through safe and gentle progression, you will transform limiting experiences and release the emotional energy held into a new unbounded expression of Self.

*FREE Meditation Program: Fri, Oct 15, 7-9pm

Oakley offers an introductory evening of meditation the Friday before the event. She will lead Guided Meditation and offer Sai Maa Diksha, a powerful technique to illuminate the brain. All are welcome, beginners as well as those experienced in meditations. Donations graciously accepted.

*Personal Transformational Healing Sessions,
Sat, Oct 16, 4-6pm, $144

Personal sessions were created by her Holiness Sai Maa to help each of us accelerate our movement into Divine Light. Using both spiritual and energetic methods, the purpose is to open gateways to higher consciousness and provide alignment to the process of enlightenment and ascension. It facilitates an awakening in the spiritual body and moves one deeper into a realization of the Higher Self, the I AM or Divine Light Presence. The focus is on bringing in this supra-mental light (the light of God as energy) into the personality and into the subtle bodies. (These are intense healing sessions facilitated by several Master Instructors and Transformational Healing Practitioners. Archangel Michael selenite swords are used during the sessions.)

*Registration for the above events is necessary. For Fri meditation & Sat events at Living Light, please contact Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571. For Sunday events in Wilton, please contact Ilene Fischer at 603-654-5981.

*Private Sessions with Oakley Ogden: Fri, Oct 15 or Mon, Oct 18, 9am-8pm, 1hr/$100 or 1.5hr/$150 in person (or Package of 3 Phone Sessions of 1.15hr/$300)

Oakley's precision and power as a therapist has been honed through her close tutelage with renowned Master and psychotherapist, Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, as well as through her work with nationally recognized therapists at the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies. Private sessions with Oakley provide you with intimate one-on-one time to share deeply, to be supported to liberate yourself, and to be empowered to live with a fullness you have never experienced. Give yourself this gift!

To schedule an appointment, please contact Oakley Ogden at 914-671-2213.

with Laura Turlington & Lucca Di Matteo

Join us in welcoming back guests Laura Turlington and Lucca Di Matteo from One Community Programs. They are the co-founders of OCP and trained in the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz, author of "The Four Agreements." They combine this ancient lineage with the elemental traditions and their nurturing and compassionate natures to guide people in workshops and journeys to explore authenticity, free their energy, and manifest their heart's desire. Laura and Lucca are dedicated to merging the spiritual and the everyday, building awareness of the interconnectedness of all life, and supporting the evolution of humanity into an era of creativity, balance and unity.

*CoreConnecting Intensive: Ten months on Saturdays 10am-5pm, $125/workshop

This CoreConnecting Intensive is designed to motivate participants to live life purposefully. Through the specifics gates of CoreConnecting, learn self-awareness techniques, free personal energy, develop sustainable choice-making, and inspire conscious action in the world. CoreConnecting works by taking experiential lessons and grounding them for practical, everyday use. This highly focused program requires a one year commitment. This is a great way to jump your awareness practice and bring your heart's desire to the next level.

Workshops will take place monthly for ten months on Saturdays from 10am-5pm. Dates: (2010) 10/23, 11/20 & (2011) 1/15, 2/12, 3/12, 4/9, 5/7, 6/4, 7/16, 9/10 Cost $125 per workshop. Advanced purchase discounts available. *Please note start date changed from 10/9 to 10/23. Thank you!

Registration necessary! Contact facilitators, Laura Turlington & Lucca Di Matteo at 203-215-0070 or laura@onecommunityprograms.com. For more information on OCP, go to www.onecommunityprograms.com.

* KARUNA REIKI with Helen Cormier

Helen Cormier is a heart-centered healer and teacher with a passion for energy work. She began her Usui Reiki practice back in 1998. She offers a wide array of other healing modalities: Transformational Breathwork, Shambhala & Karuna Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Magnified Healing. She currently works in Human Resources as well as an energy practitioner. She is a gift to her clients as well as students for Helen truly lives what she teaches. Don't miss this opportunity to work with her!

*Karuna Reiki Practitioner Levels I//II:
Sun, Oct 31, 9am-5pm, $150
(Cost includes manual and certificate)

This class is open to anyone who has had Advanced Reiki or Reiki Master Training. It is complete with two levels, two attunements, and eight treatment symbols. In this class we use sound as an effective and powerful healing tool. Karuna Reiki works on the emotional and spiritual levels, yet can help one become more grounded.

Karuna means "compassion in action" and is a heart-centered energy. In class we will have time for meditation and centering, learning eight sacred symbols, chanting them and creating a high and powerful vibration for healing yourself, your family, friends and clients. There will be one-on-one clinical practice, as well as attunement to both levels of Karuna Reiki.

For registration, please contact Karuna Reiki Master Instructor, Helen Cormier, at 603-434-5131 or reikisport@aol.com. For additional information about Magnified Healing, check out www.magnifiedhealing.com.

* EFT with Kathy Randlett

Kathy is an instructor of EFT, an IET Master, a Shamanic Practitioner and a Reiki Practitioner. She is an avid student of spirituality and energy healing. She believes children possess the natural ability to heal and have a strong connection to spirit. In this light, Kathy would love to share and help them re-member what they already know. Living Light celebrates Kathy's affinity for angels, children, and EFT!

*Intro to EFT, Fri, Nov 5, 6-8pm, $15 donation

In this class, the history and basics of EFT are discussed. EFT is based on the principle that negative emotional energies that are held in the body will cause physical problems, or even blocks to moving forward in your life. We will also go over the Personal Peace Procedure. This is a first step in moving past any obstacles that many may be holding you in place.

Similar in thought as acupuncture, tapping is done on various sensitive meridian points on your face and body. While tapping on these points and acknowledging the problem, the blockage is removed, allowing you to feel free.

EFT is a simple technique that provides profound results. There are no limitations as to what this technique can do. Although there is some dependency on the willingness to release, relief can be found on the most reluctant of participants.

This class should last approximately 2 hours.

*EFT for Parents, Grandparents or Caretakers,
Fri, Nov 12, 6-8pm, $60

(Pre-requisite: Intro to EFT)

Using EFT on children provides remarkable results. Children face so many issues growing up. EFT can help with studying bullying, self-confidence, fears or anger issues. You will learn techniques such as distance EFT, different tapping areas, as well as tapping on a bear while talking to the child.

A side benefit of teaching EFT to children is that they not only will become more aware of their body's energy system at a young age, but they will have a tool to DO something with any negative feelings that they incur.

This class should be approximately 2 hours, but may go over depending on questions.

To sign-up for the above classes, contact facilitator Kathy Randlett at 978-459-4614 or kathy_randlett@comcast.net.

* WRITING with Corinne L. Casazza

Corinne L. Casazza earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing, Publishing and Literature from Emerson College in Boston. She spent 15 years at a "Big Blue" company creating web content and marketing strategy for selling software online. Corinne's novels "Divided We Fall" and "Walk Like an Egyptian" are now available. She is currently at work on a non-fiction book. Corinne offers private writing coaching sessions and interactive writing programs.

*Writing in the Light: Take Your Writing to a Higher Level: Tues, Dec 28, 7-9pm, $25

Whether you've worked with Corinne in the past, or writing is a new venture for you, join her at Living Light for "Writing in the Light." Learn to access the love, wisdom and power of your Higher Self and get it on the page. Corinne will lead you through a meditation designed to connect you with the joy and creativity of Source within you. Inspired by your Soul and led by your heart, share your truth with others.

To register, please contact Corinne at 928-202-0158 or ccaz67@yahoo.com.

* MASSAGE with Bernadette Binnie

Bernadette Binnie is a great addition to the Living Light team! She is a Licensed Massage Therapist of Empyrean Massage & Bodywork. She offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic Stone Healing Therapy, Sports, Reflexology & Reiki. Go to www.myempyreantouch.com to take advantage of any new offers. Swedish Massage only $40…how long will this offer last? To schedule an appointment, call Bernadette at 603-660-2113. Come experience her healing hands!

with Lauren Rainbow

Lauren Rainbow is a Psychic Medium. In 2009, Lauren was honored as the "Best Psychic in NH" by New Hampshire's Magazine. In a session with Lauren, you can look into the present state of your life and receive empowering guidance to help you create the future you want. As a medium, Lauren can also connect to your dearly deceased and bring healing messages from the beyond. Lauren has been featured on several radio stations in NH including WZID, The Wolf and the Planet as well as spiritual Blog Radio Show: Walking the Path.

We're thrilled Lauren is calling Living Light her new home. Come experience her psychic gifts! You are welcome to schedule in-person or phone sessions with her. Fees: 1/2 sessions are $45, and 1 Hour $65. To schedule, please contact Lauren at 603-674-6580 or laurensrainbow@gmail.com. Also check out her "Psychic Medium Practice Group" under the Monthly Event Section.

* YOGA & REIKI with Connie Price

Connie Price is a certified and experienced yoga practitioner with a vast background in the healing arts. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and is NH certified for Nursing CEU's. She offers private healing sessions, energy anatomy workshops, and evenings of meditation. Her gentle nature and deep connection to the world around her is an inspiration to her colleagues and clients alike. Living Light is pleased to have her as a guest practitioner!

*Private Yoga & Energy Sessions

Yoga is a vehicle for experiencing deep levels of awareness of body, mind and spirit. Connie offers private yoga sessions that are designed to encourage balance, restore spirit and create space for wellness. The sessions remain focused on breath work, postures and guided meditation.

To make an appointment, contact certified yoga instructor Connie Price at 603-490-2830 or nhprice6@aol.com

*Women of Leadership Reiki Training

Special acknowledgement to Connie Price and Donna Nichols, both Reiki Master Teachers, who will be offering "Women of Leadership Reiki Training" at Living Light. This program is designed to acknowledge those women whose work and lives impact and improve the community. Offering tuition-free Reiki Level I Training is their way of honoring and encouraging their work. Invitees have been nominated and will receive a full day of Reiki training including materials and certification. Living Light is so pleased to support the growth of this program!

* NATURAL HEALTH with Andrea Paquette

Andrea Paquette is a holistic nurse practitioner that provides natural remedies and healing services to those who wish to reach their optimal health. She specializes in weight and stress management, lifestyle coaching and mental health issues. Are you interested in weight loss this fall? You can register with her to participate in an 8-week Transitions Lifestyle System Program or the new 30 Day Program. For more information, contact Andrea at 603-620-3002 or andreapaquette@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

* Friends of Living Light

- Her Holiness SAI MAA with HIU

Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi is a dynamic visionary and spiritual master dedicated to global enlightenment and to eliminating pain & suffering of humanity by bringing to the world her experience as a humanitarian, teacher, speaker, counselor, therapist & healer. She is the founder of Humanity in Unity. "YES TO LIFE!" with H.H. Sai Maa, Chicago-May 12-15, 2011, $350. Save the date! For more information, go to www.humanityinunity.org or call to register at 303-996-0123.

- Donna Mitchell-Moniak at SPIRIT FIRE MEDITATIVE CENTER, Leyden, MA

Donna is founder and manager of Spirit Fire Meditative Center. She offers an array of meditation and astrology classes. Her core class is The Practice of Living Awareness-this four-day meditation retreat (offered throughout the year) provides instruction, group meditation, meals, lodging and energetic support for you to become aware, awake and realized. In this way, every person can become a part of the growth and change of consciousness in the world. To request more information, go to info@spiritfire.com.

- Lisa Jones at NIA NH & YOGA

Lisa Jones has taught breath awareness classes since 1998. She received her first Breath Facilitator Certification from the Transformational Breathwork Foundation and then went on to graduate from the Power of Breath Institute, meeting requirements for certification by the International Breathworker's Training Alliance. Lisa is the owner of Nia NH and Yoga in Amherst, NH. She is a welcomed guest at Living Light. For more information, go to www.niaandyoga.com.


Beth Crawford is a well-respected local Reiki Master Teacher-dedicated to the goal of bringing Reiki into the "mainstream." Beth is an insured member of IARP, an ordained interfaith minister, a NH Notary Public, and a student of self realization and Paramahansa Yogananda. She received her Usui/Tibetan Master Teacher Training from William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training. Living Light congratulates her on her growing practice! Check out her new space and visit her at www.BethCrawford.com.

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