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Living Light  Summer 2007
Welcome to Living Light News!
Welcome to the Third Edition of the "Living Light News"!

Our goal is to provide you with an integrated approach to physical and energetic wellness. We offer pioneering healing technologies and advanced tools for spiritual growth.

Living Light creates sacred space for individual sessions and group classes that will empower you to live healthier, be happier and grow faster!
Forgiveness - A Healing Gift
No matter how far we are on our individual path, we're continually brought back to the foundation of our truth. This spring as I stood in front of Bishop Joseph with my Goddaughter for her Confirmation, I had such an experience. The bishop queried Kelsey as to why she had chosen the name Raphaela, the feminine derivative for Archangel Raphael. As my Goddaughter explained that the reason for choosing her patron namesake was for the gift of healing, the bishop's eyes filled with gentleness and light. He spoke to her saying:
Remember, child, forgiveness is one of the
greatest gifts of healing that you'll ever use!
This statement echoed in my heart and mind bringing back a flood of memories.
As I started my career in healing, I had a series of dreams. Night after night I watched as hundreds of people were being healed with the gift of forgiveness. The vividness of these dreams compelled me to study forgiveness. I learned that it is a necessity extolled in every spiritual and religious tradition from my Catholic background to Buddhist philosophy from yogic traditions to numerous meditative practices.
I truly believe that forgiveness is the foundation for personal and planetary peace. Our destiny may depend on the extent to which we are willing to forgive. I am thankful to Bishop Joseph for bringing me home to the foundation of my truth once again, to Steven Thayer for the gift of the IET Forgiveness Process (an integral part of my personal practice) and to my clients and family who continue to remind me that without forgiveness, authentic healing cannot take place.
With love and appreciation,
Julianne Santini, RN
Transformation Through Energy Balancing & Coaching

To learn about the IET Forgiveness Process, contact Julianne (JS@LivingLightLLC.com) or go to www.LearnIET.com for a practitioner in your area. For inspirational reading on the topic of forgiveness, read: "Forgiveness-The Greatest Healer of All" by Gerald Jampolsky, MD and "The Wisdom of Forgiveness" by the Dali Lama and Victor Chan.

A Healthy Habit

Did you know that there are measurable health benefits to having an open heart and a clear mind?

Frederic Luskin, research associate for Stanford University School of Medicine and director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project, found that when people can't forgive, their stress levels increase which can contribute to cardiovascular problems.

People who practice forgiveness present with stronger hearts, lower blood pressure and better immune responses than those who carry a grudge. Why wait to develop this healthy habit?

Luskin believes a sincere apology is a central mechanism to self-forgiveness and that there are health benefits in forgiving ourselves as much as in forgiving others.

Meditation Mantra

Sometimes we feel undeserving of forgiveness.

This is usually because we are experiencing guilt or shame. These emotions can consume us if we allow it.

World Meditation Expert, Mater Del Pe, founder of WISE Meditation, encourages us to take action. He suggests that if we're emotional or have relationship issues during the day or someone gets hurt to say the following mantra 3-7 times:

I am a being of loving kindness. As I ask for compassion,
I show compassion. As I ask for forgiveness from people
whom I've hurt, I give forgiveness to anybody who has hurt me.
Let all be completely forgiven. Let all be free. So it is.

For further instruction, refer to Del Pe's End-of-the-Day Technique in his book "Hidden Dangers of Yoga & Meditation." (This is simply a must for those experiencing sleep disorders!)

Sponsored Events
Are you ready to wake up and consciously take an active role in your Spiritual Journey? Do you perceive the road as "not easy" and littered with many messages that make you stand still afraid to commit or make a mistake. This 4 week series is designed to dispel your confusion and help you answer the questions your heart is seeking. You will have the opportunity to uncover where your path lies, what your gifts are, begin the process of remembering who you really are, redefine your relationship with Creator, and much more!

Sunday afternoons, May 20, 27, June 3, and 10, 2-4pm
Cost $75 for the series

Reserve your spot by calling facilitator Kimberly Barrett @ 603-540-0946
In the tradition of Caroline Myss's "Energy Anatomy," IET is one of the next generations hands-on energy therapy systems that gets the "issues out of your tissues." IET is based on a Unique Cellular Memory Map developed by Steven Thayer in which nine primary areas with the energy anatomy are targeted. Come learn where you hold suppressed emotions and trauma in your body and techniques to clear the limitations and pain from your past. Are you ready to manifest your life's vision and bring your dreams alive? Come learn this healing system as a gift to yourself or others. Manuals and certification provided.

Sat., May 26 or Sat., June 30, 9am-5:30pm, Cost $125

Sat., June 16 or Sat., July 21, 9am-5:30pm, Cost $215

Sat., July 14 or Sat., Aug 18, 9am-5:30pm, Cost $215
(Cost to review a class is $75.)

To register for classes, contact IET Master Instructors Julianne Santini, RN at 603-494-5571 or Laura Gethchell at 603-438-5924.
Just as the calendar year has its seasons, people have seasons as well. This four hour seminar will help you to learn the periodic flow and rhythm of your yearly 52-day cycles. Use this information to make schedules, plans and decisions according to the science of right timing. Reduce your stress, optimize your health and relationships, and maximize your career and family life. Gain deeper insight into past events and client health. Use the cycles as a new tool and psychology to help guide your future personally and professionally.

Sat., May 19, 9am-1pm, Cost $70
Facilitator: ESOEN's Coach/Healer/Trainer, John Mercede
For reservations, contact Julianne Santini, RN at 603-494-5571 or John Mercede at 203-209-4325

4 CEU's (Continuing Education Units) available for Nurses with this course.

Have you already taken the 7 Cycles class and want to practice using what you leanred? Do you have questions about how to interpret what you learned? Would you like to set goals for the year and align yourself for posititve outcomes? This 2 hour review will give you more understanding. Practice using the cycles tools for your highest chance of success for the whole year. Practice cross plotting your cycles with significant others in your life to study relationships and project success. Set goals for the year and remove obstacles for success with a powerful meditation.

Sat., May 19, 2-4:30pm, Cost $25
ESOCEN's Coach/Healer/Trainer, John Mercede For reservations, contact Julianne Santini, RN at 603-494-5571 or John Mercede at 203-209-4325
Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. It can be used to bring relief from pain, surgical procedures, chemotherapy, immune dysfunction, mental and emotional distress, and so much more! For information on private sessions, Reiki Shares and classes, please contact Master Instructor Beth Crawford at hm: 603-425-6977 or cell: 603-247-4774. Note:Reiki Level I/II may be taken together in one weekend.
Sat., June 23, July 28 or Aug 25 - 9am-5pm, Cost $125
Sun., June 24, July 29, or Aug 26 - 9am-5pm, Cost $225
Sat. & Sun., Aug 11 & 12, 9am - 5pm, Cost $750
* Monthly Events *
~ Meditation Class
Whether you are a business professional, a busy parent, or both, meditation can help you to live a healthier, happier and more balanced life. Come to this group meditation and receive healing, energy and guidance to help you move forward.

Join us on the first Thursday of
each month
for a group meditation
(5/3, 6/7, 7/5, 8/2)
from 7-8 pm.

Fee: $20
To register: call Julianne Santini, RN
At 603-494-5571

Facilitator: John Mercede is a coach-healer trainer. He draws his expertise from dedicated training and 15 years of experience as an engineer, elite athlete, seminar leader, program consultant, and healer. He has trained extensively with ESOCEN and is certified by Del Pe as an Inner Powers Healer and Trainer for ESOCEN classes.

~ Shamanic Journeying Circle
A shamanic practitioner uses a practiced focus to enter into an altered state of consciousness which is often called the shamanic journey. The shamanic journey crosses the dimensional barrier between time and space and is used to bring back guidance or healing to assist an individual or community.

This is a closed circle that meets the second Friday of each month from 7-9pm. Donation: $20

*Note: May gathering will be held on Wed., May 2, for the WESAK celebration.
(5/2, 6/8, 7/13, 8/10)

If you are interested in learning how to journey or how to take your personal practice further and work on behalf of the community, call Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571 for private sessions and/or an apprenticeship.

Facilitator: Julianne Santini, RN trained extensively with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies in Advanced Shamanic Healing and is a graduate of Sandra Ingerman's Two Year Shamanic Teacher Program. She is a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.

~ Reiki Share
Come experience the healing art of Reiki. This hands-on practice is used to reduce stress, assist in relaxation, and facilitate health. It works well in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques and is effective in relieving side effects and promoting recovery.

This Public Clinic and Reiki Share is offered on the 3rd Sunday of every month from 6-9pm.

(5/20, no clinic in June, 7/15, 8/19)

Meet and Greet:
Open house to learn
about Reiki

Public Reiki Wellness Clinic:
30 minute blissful Reiki session
Fee: $20
(Registration required)

Reiki Practitioner Share:
7:30-9 pm
For students and certified practitioners to hone your skills and enjoy a treatment. Fee: $10

For more information and registration please contact: Beth Crawford at 603-425-6977 or 603-247-4774.

Beth is a Usui Master Teacher that trained and was certified by William Rand.

~ Masterminding Group
Continue to see your vision for abundance and health manifest with this support group for Deliberate Creators. Hosted on alternating Wednesdays from 6-8pm starting 4/25.
(Note: July 4th is cancelled.)

40 So. River Rd., #63 Bedford, NH 03110

Julianne Santini, RN PHN
Living Light, LLC Manager
40 So. River Rd., #63 Bedford, NH 03110
phone: 603-494-5571
email: JS@LivingLightLLC.com


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