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Welcome to Living Light News! * Monthly Events *

~ Meditation Class

This monthly session is a specially designed healing meditation to balance your energy system and release the hidden nature of physical and psychological issues. You will release negative emotions and learn to align to a resilient point. Each time you come to the group, you will transform your past, energize your life and bless your future. Experienced meditators as well as beginners welcome.

First Thursday of each month
Time: 7-8:30pm
Fee: $20

Registration: Call Julianne Santini
at 603-494-5571

John Mercede, a professional in energy healing and energy psychology

~ NEW Shamanic Journeying Circle

Thanks to the overwhelming interest in the journeying circle that began in Feb (& currently meets the third Thurs of each month), a new group will begin!

If you are interested in the topic of shamanism and the concept of journeying, come see if this circle's for you.

Attend the first meeting on Thurs., Sept 25, from 7-9pm to dream this circle into being.
Fee: $20.

Join us to learn about core shamanism, the original role of the shaman in indigenous societies, how to meet and work with your power animal and other spirit helpers, and the keys to successful journeying in a modern culture.

To register or for private sessions, call Julianne 603-494-5571.

Facilitator: Julianne Santini, graduate of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Advanced Healing Program, graduate of Sandra Ingerman's Shamanic Teacher Training, member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.

Assistant: Laura Schulte, practitioner who has studied under shamanic teachers Nan Moss and David Corbin through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies.

~ Angels on Assignment

This is an advanced healing group open to healing practitioners and those experienced in meditation and/or shamanic journeying that are called to do healing service on behalf of the community.

Recognize yourself as an "Angel on Assignment" and work with a community to anchor advanced healing frequencies of light. Also, strengthen your energy body and soul connection with a series of meditation processes focusing on the Keys and Codes of Consciousness.

Second Friday of each month
Time: 7-9pm
Fee: $20.

If interested in this work, please contact Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571 to make arrangements as this group began working together in Feb 2008.

~ Reiki/IET Clinic

Come experience the healing art of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy.

These hands-on practices are used to reduce stress, assist in relaxation, and facilitate overall health. They are complimentary practices that are found to be effective in relieving side effects and promoting recovery.

Come to the Public Wellness Clinic and receive a 30 minute blissful Reiki or IET session. Practitioner Share is also available for students and certified practitioners to hone skills and enjoy a treatment.

Date: Third Sunday of each month - No clinic in August due to summer schedules.

Clinic: Sign up to receive 30 min Reiki or IET session at 4, 5, or 6pm. $20 donation.

Reiki Share: Open to all levels of students from 7:30-9pm. $10 donation.

For more information and registration contact: Beth Crawford (Usui Master Instructor) at 603-425-6977, or E-mail Beth at Shambhalawisdom@aol.com.

Support staff: Reiki/IET Master Instructors, Kimberly Barrett, Jen Camann and Julianne Santini.

Welcome to the Seventh Edition of the "Living Light News"!

Our goal is to provide you with an integrated approach to physical and energetic wellness. We offer pioneering healing technologies and advanced tools for spiritual growth.

Living Light creates sacred space for individual sessions and group classes that will empower you to live healthier, be happier and grow faster!
- Summer Practitioner Picks
One way to restore and balance one's energy system is to take a trip outdoors.

Recent studies suggest that nature may be useful for emotional and physical well-being, stress reduction, and a therapy for ADHD. (Refer to Last Child in the Woods-Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv.)

Living Light acknowledges the healing attributes of nature and each practitioner has a favorite place of power and healing.

Practitioner Julianne Santini is often drawn to the ocean for respite and relaxation, but to make nature more of a daily habit, she heads to a local favorite - the Benedictine Park. She feels a quiet reverence on top of a hill overlooking Bedford and a friendliness among all park-goers and their pets. This land trust offers 28 acres of open fields and woodland trails. Ten minutes from Living Light, it's the perfect place for a morning walk or afternoon picnic.

If one's schedule allows, cross the street and walk the trails of the Van Loan Preserve. It offers 68 acres of forest, wildlife viewing, and a bridge over Riddlebrook. This is a perfect place to practice what Julianne calls becoming a walking prayer or putting ones prayers in motion. Julianne's children also endorse this special place. Marco loves skipping rocks at the dam and sharing the journey with his dog, while Christina spends her time hunting for secret treasures to add to her fairy village. (Note-all dogs must be on a leash.)

Practitioner Laura Schulte enjoys immersing herself in nature by visiting Miller State Park. It is the oldest state park in NH and is located in Peterborough on the flank and summit of Pack Monadnock Mountain. A 1.3 mile paved road leads to a scenic summit where Laura connects with the power of the mountain and the healing elements all around her. The most popular hiking trail there is the Wapack Trail, a 21-mile footpath. Don't be surprised to find her hiking there or at the hawk observation area. Julianne's children also favor the operational fire tower. It's worth the climb!

Another practitioner pick is Pulpit Rock Conservation Area. You will find it located in the northwest part of Bedford. Its intrigue is a huge rock formation called Pulpit Rock (originally the Devil's Pulpit). The highest point is 845 feet. Don't forget to bring your camera! The location is magical. Practitioner Laura Schulte uses this sacred spot to practice "meditation in motion." Would you like to be apart of a meditation in motion walking group? There are well-marked trails suited for hikers of all abilities.

Practitioner Beth Crawford has long been called to Mt. Washington. Its grandeur is unquestioned. Mt. Washington is the highest peak in the northeastern US at the heart of the White Mountain National Park. The 52-acre Mt. Washington State Park surrounds the summit where visitors will find a multitude of old and modern buildings, once known as the "City Among the Clouds." Ask Beth about her earth healing adventures and sacred grid work for the mountain.

This summer is the perfect opportunity to unplug from your virtual world and reconnect with the natural one!

Practitioners at Living Light wish for you the healing gifts of nature and the beauty of the season. Be well.

Julianne Santini
Manager, Living Light LLC

- Sponsored Events

Karuna Reiki can be defined as the "Reiki of Compassion." This system was developed by William Lee Rand and other healers at the International Center for Reiki Training. It offers a deeper understanding of how the attunement processes, symbols and healing energies work. Course prerequisite: Reiki Master Certificate of either Usui or Shamballa lineage.

Karuna Level I
Sat., Aug 2, 11:30am-7:30pm, Cost $150

Karuna Level II
Sun., Aug 3, 9:30am-5:30pm, Cost $200
(*Both classes taken in one weekend cost $300.
Class re-takes are $25 with copy of certificate.)

Karuna Master Instructor Level
*Contact instructor if interested, Cost $200

For more information or to register for classes, contact Karuna Master Instructor, Helen Cormier, at 606-434-5131 or online reikisport@aol.com.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. It can be used to bring relief from pain, surgical procedures, chemotherapy, immune dysfunction, mental and emotional distress, and so much more! For information on private sessions, Reiki Shares and classes, please contact Master Instructor Beth Crawford at hm: 603-425-6977, or E-mail Beth at Shambhalawisdom@aol.com. Note:Reiki Level I/II may be taken together in one weekend.

Level I Cost: $125.
Level II Cost: $225. ($25 discount when you enroll in both classes)
Advanced Reiki Training Cost: $225,
Reiki Master Training Cost: $650.
Tuition includes: Reiki manual by William Lee Rand, Reiki certificate and certificate of lineage.

Sat., July 26/ Sun., July 27, 9am-5pm
Sat., Aug. 30/ Sun., Aug. 31, 9am-5pm

Sat., Sept. 20, 9am-5pm

Sat./Sun., Oct. 4 & 5, 9am-5pm

Welcome to ESOCEN's foundation classes in Energy Medicine.

Heal I is an 8 hour course that teaches the science behind the mind/body connection through an advanced view of the human energy system. Experience sensing subtle energy and healing simple illnesses using colored vibrations and the power of soul radiatory healing. Learn the hidden energy causes of disease unknown to most health care workers. Gain techniques that release blockages from the past and energize the future.

Heal II is a 12 hour course that is the core of ESOCEN's healing technology. Learn to sense and evaluate energy on a cellular level then safely and effectively remove energy blockages. Repair and revitalize patients with an advanced system of colored vibrations to accelerate the healing process. Maximize your healing power and optimize your health and personal development with advanced techniques.

Sat.,Aug., 23, 9am-5pm, Cost $175

Sat., Aug 23, 6pm-10pm and
Sun., Aug., 8:30am-7pm, Cost $325
(*Both classes taken in one weekend cost $450.
Payment is accepted by Pay Pal and check)

Facilitaor: Donna Sommers, RN--ESOCEN's Coach/Healer/Trainer
For reservations: Contact Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571.
Payment must be received by Aug. 18th to be registered

(*Continuing Education Units available for nurses!)

Come learn how to protect your energy. Facilitator John Mercede will reveal how to clear your energy field if someone has dumped their "emotional garbage" on you, how to disconnect from someone who is draining your energy, how to clear and protect your home or office, and how to change negative situations with blessing and transmutation techniques. This workshop is for everyone!

Sun., Sept., 14, 12:30pm-4pm, Cost $75

Register now by calling Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571 or emailing John Mercede at jmercede@thenewsynthesis.com

Come experience a personalized coach-healing session that focuses on your 7 Life Cycles. Learn how to reduce your stress, optimize your health and relationships, and maximize your career and family life by understanding the flow and rhythm of your 52-day cycles. Use this information to make schedules, plans and decisions according to the science of right timing. Gain deeper insight into past events and client health.

1-hour private sessions available on the first Thursday of each month. Cost $80 (Cycles Analysis included)

To make an appointment, contact John Mercede, a professional in energy healing & energy psychology, at 203-209-4325 or jmercede@thenewsynthesis.com

In the tradition of Caroline Myss's "Energy Anatomy," IET is one of the next generations hands-on energy therapy systems that gets the "issues out of your tissues." IET is based on a Unique Cellular Memory Map developed by Steven Thayer in which nine primary areas with the energy anatomy are targeted. Come learn where you hold suppressed emotions and trauma in your body and techniques to clear the limitations and pain from your past. Are you ready to manifest your life's vision and bring your dreams alive? Come learn this healing system as a gift to yourself or others. Manuals and certification provided.

Sun, Sept. 21, 9am-5:30pm, Cost $165

Sun., Oct. 19, 9am-5:30pm, Cost $215

Sun., Nov. 16, 9am-5:30pm, Cost $215
(*Re-takes are $65 with copy of certificate.)

To register for the above classes, contact IET Master Instructors Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571 or Laura Schulte at 603-438-5924. (Note: If you are interested in the option of an IET class on a weekday, please contact Julianne Santini.)



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