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Living Light Update -

A Message from Julianne

August, 2015

I find myself in a brand new place.  I have chosen to sell my office space while holding love and deep respect for my peers and fellow practitioners at Living Light.  I have also chosen to move to Denver, CO (one of the vortex cities established by H.H. Sai Maa) to be available for greater service while always remembering my joy and delight in serving local clients and students. Some may say that I am making a mistake while others that I am courageous taking a huge leap of faith.  I choose the latter!
This time, beyond what I see and know, feels destined and directed, and that awareness keeps showing up for me in the most surprising ways.  For example, in preparation for my journey to Colorado, I visited Amma (the “Hugging Saint”) when she recently came to Marlborough, MA.  During morning meditation with Amma, I saw her take the watch off my wrist and place it upon her own. “Now you are on God’s time!” I heard her say.  What a most interesting message, and what that means and looks like exactly, I do not know.  So I shall step in Love and Faith with God each day and see how the journey unfolds!

I am tremendously excited for the ever-expanding path.  Even though we are in varying locations, I know we step together… collectively… into who we each are becoming.  Sai Maa calls this year—“The Becoming of You.”  What do YOU need to do in order to stretch your wings and step more fully into YOU?  That has been the pervasive question at Living Light, and each practitioner is choosing to play in her own, beautiful way.
How can you reach me???  My contact information is the same.
Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571,

JS@LivingLightLLC.com or creativejulie@aol.com.
The next chapter begins for all of us.
Be the biggest, brightest version of YOU!
It is from this place we will come together for our greatest collaborations!
With Great Love,



Intuitive medium, Lauren Rainbow, is spreading her wings and opening the Centered Heart Studio, at 82 Palomino Lane (Suite 701), in Bedford, NH.  Her new space accommodates up to 40 people for gallery-style classes.  Contact her if you have interest in offering classes and getting on her 2015-16 calendar.  Registration for private sessions and classes remains online.  Go to www.LaurenRainbow.com or email her at LER@LaurenRainbow.com.  Congratulations, “ Famous Lauren!”

Healing arts practitioners, Kimberly Barrett and Jeane Lujan-Gray, are taking a leap of faith and opening their own space under a new business name, Light Upon the Lotus. Check out Lightuponthelotus.com.  They are newly located at 604 DW Highway, #206, Merrimack, NH.  Please continue to contact Kimberly at 603-540-0946 for customized healing sessions, spiritual guidance, classes and training in IET, Magnified Healing, Melchizedek Method, Crystals and Fairies.  Please contact Jeane at 603-770-8769 or mommy_of_dragon@hotmail.com for Shamanic training & classes, healing sessions and psychic readings.  (*Don’t miss Basic Shamanic Journeying with Jeane on Sept 25-26 at Lauren’s Centered Heart Studio. For more information, go to Centered Heart Studio on facebook.) Way to go, Soul Sisters!
Healing arts practitioner, Janet Gibson, & clinical psychologist, Dr. Diana Collins, continue to hold the light at 40 South River Rd, Unit #63, Bedford, NH.  Contact Janet at 603-247-5874 for a private Theta Healing session certified by THInK (phone sessions are also available).  Please contact Dr. Collins at 603-626-1446 for child, adult and couples therapy.  Janet and Diana, you both inspire me…always have, always will!
A special thank you and shout out for our regular guest practitioners as well!  For Womb Wisdom and Goddess Classes, contact Christiane Rodriguez at crazycubinchic@gmail.com

For Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques, contact Jason Grace at KonchokLighshad@gmail.com.

For Removing Limiting Belief Work, Writing from the Soul Workshops and more, contact Corinne Casazza though her website: www.CorinneCasazza.com or call 928-202-0158.  

For Psychic and Mediumship Workshops, contact Danielle Dionne at 603-540-4538. 

For NES Health Total Wellness & Indigo Bio-scan Analysis & Healing, contact Henrik Cervin through his website: www.wavesofillumination.com

For Soul-infused weekly/monthly meditations via teleconference and ReConnective Therapy phone sessions, contact John Mercede at jmercede@thenewsynthesis.com or call 203-209-4325.   We look forward to your latest offerings and newest expressions of YOU!

Julianne Santini, RN PHN
Living Light, LLC Manager
phone: 603-494-5571
email: JS@LivingLightLLC.com


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