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Welcome to Living Light News! * Monthly Events *

~ Humanity in Unity Meditation Center

Come learn simple and practical meditation techniques to help you discover the silence of inner peace while renewing your energy for the challenges of daily living. Experience & share Sai Maa Diksha as part of your mediation experience. All are welcome, beginners and experienced meditators alike!

1st & 3rd Monday of each month, 7pm, $20 suggested donation
(*Note: Jan 3rd cancelled due to New Year's travels; please join us on Jan 10th & 17th)

Join our meet-up group for all local HIU Center events & registration: www.meetup.com/Humanity-in-Unity-Bedford-NH

For questions or to register by phone, contact HIU co-chairs Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571 or Ilene Fischer 603-654-5981.

~ Psychic/Medium Practice Group

This monthly meeting is a great way to develop your intuitive skills. Each week, there will be teachings on different techniques, meditation, Q & A, as well as active practice time for everyone. The group will meet with open-hearted compassion in a judgment-free zone allowing for a safe and sacred space to learn and grow your gifts.

1st Thurs of each month, 7-9pm, $15 fee

Pre-registration is helpful, however, walk-ins are welcome. Contact facilitator, Lauren Rainbow, at 603-674-6580 or laurensrainbow@gmail.com.

~ Energy Share

Are you an energy practitioner that would like to come share your gifts and hone your skills? Come be a part of a supportive network of practitioners. Practitioners of ALL healing modalities and of ALL levels of certification welcome.

2nd Thursday of each month, 6-8:30pm, $10 donation

For questions, please contact Master Instructor, Helen Cormier, at 603-434-5131 or reikisport@aol.com for more information. Thanks also to Nancy Dancause for facilitation!

~ Dream Weavers Shamanic Group

Dream Weavers is a group of shamanic practitioners of all lineages and ages. We are kindred spirits looking to commune with fellow light workers. We gather to learn, grow, and help the surrounding communities as well as the Earth in her healing. We gather to remember and honor those who came before us and their teachings, and to lay the blueprints for those who will follow. COME SHARE YOUR MEDICINE!

4th Thursday of each month (*starting Jan 27), 7-9pm, $20 donation
(*Note: Nov 24th cancelled due to Thanksgiving; please join us on Nov 17th)

To register please contact: shamanic practitioner, Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571 or @ JS@LivingLightLLC.com. Thank you, Eve MacDonald, for re-energizing the shamanic practitioners, and, thank you, Judi Johnson, for your assistance in facilitation!

~ Native Talking Circle

The Talking Circle is a traditional way for aboriginal people. It is an effective way to remove barriers and to allow people to express themselves with freedom. The most common type is the Sharing Circle which is an excellent introduction to ceremonies and a great tool for those who are discovering traditional indigenous ways. Adults and children are welcome!

2nd Monday of each month (*starting on March 14), 7-9pm, $10 donation

Facilitator: Daniel St. Don is a healing arts practitioner, fire keeper, and guardian of sacred bones. To register please contact: Grandmother Judi Johnson at 603-434-2933 or wolfspirit.johnson@gmail.com.

~ Red Tent Temple Gathering

For woman, support can change the very core of what we think of one another, choices we make, and understanding that we are not alone in what we experience. The Red Tent provides a safe place for woman of all ages to share their hearts. The intention of this circle is to honor our many differences, and also, first and foremost, learn to create and cultivate a healthy woman-honoring culture.

Monthly gatherings near the New Moon (*starting in May), 7-9pm, $10 donation
2011 Dates: May 3 (Tues), June 1 (Wed), July 1 (Fri), Aug 2 (Tues), Aug 30 (Tues), Sept 27 (Tues), Oct 25 (Tues), Nov 22 (Tues), Dec 27 (Tues)

Facilitators: Grandmother Judi Johnson is a healing arts practitioner, Reiki Master, and founder of RESH (Rainbow Earth Star Healers). Pauline Haworth is a healing arts practitioner, crystal therapist and Earth healer. For questions or registration contact: Judi at 603-434-2933 or wolfspirit.johnson@gmail.com
Welcome to the Seventeenth Edition of the "Living Light News!"

Our goal is to provide you with an integrated approach to physical and energetic wellness. We offer pioneering healing technologies and advanced tools for spiritual growth.

Living Light creates sacred space for individual sessions and group classes that will empower you to live healthier, be happier and grow faster.

- A Message from Julianne
Each New Year is a promise of rebirth and creation.
What are we birthing? The freedom of our Souls.

In birth, a baby moves from one state to another...
from the mother's womb out into the world.

In death, one moves from one state to another...
from the Earthly plane into a plane of Spirit.

In both cases there is a movement into a new way of being.
There is a loss of an old form or state and a new life is created.

Over the last couple months, I have been surrounded by death & grief. Friends have lost their parents, and many clients have come in to grieve the loss of family and friends. During this time, I have even been contacted by Hospice to become a referred practitioner. It shouldn't have come as surprise this holiday when a friend gifted me with a music CD for the dying (Angels Hovering Round), and, when my mother flew in for Christmas, I had a magical meeting at the airport with a Londonderry Hospice chaplain (Check out Dr. Samuel Lee Oliver's work at www.pathintohealing.com). All of these happenings rekindled memories of being an Oncology nurse and the special gift of tending one's Soul during the dying process.

I was reminded of the importance of one aspect in particular--the gift of storytelling. As one recounts his or her life, there seems to be a sense of putting things in order and an unwinding at the same time. I have witnessed how important it is for people to tell their stories and to be heard, to make amends and finally be able to let go.

Story telling is a sacred act. No one needs to wait until they are dying to do this. The process of transition is not exclusive to death. I cannot tell you how often I have heard clients say, "I just needed to tell you my story." Once the story is shared, so, too, are the beliefs that have seemingly been running their lives. With these new insights and awareness, comes real choice for conscious living and true decisions to move into healing.

I have recently learned of some cultures that encourage the telling or writing of one's life story, and the importance of naming every person that has played a part in that history. Initially I was surprised, but I now realize the gift in doing so. It provides a letting go of one's attachment to every person and every situation. There is a freeing up of energy and a sense of making new space. There is a rebirth and room made for creation.

I invite you this year to engage in an activity of transition with me-the writing of an autobiography. Simply pull out a journal or notepad and start writing. Don't be daunted by the task; this is not something that needs to be published. You are writing for YOU! It is a sacred act, a ritual for you to use to let go of an old form or state. This 2011, move into a new state of being.

Let the promise of rebirth and creation be lived to its fullest this year!

With great love,
Julianne Santini
Living Light Manager

Healing Requests
Would you like the opportunity to ask for healing for a family member, friend or life situation? Do you have a personal healing request of your own? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, please send your request to JS@LivingLightLLC.com with "Healing Request" in the subject line. Your request will be put into the Living Light Prayer Box and be worked with in several ways.

First, your request will be brought to the bi-monthly Humanity In Unity Meditation Group and those mentioned in your request will be sent distant Sai Maa Diksha, a pure light blessing that releases all that no longer serves and opens the path to enlightenment.

Secondly, your request will be brought to the Dream Weavers Shamanic Group, and those mentioned will receive the benefits of a healing ritual such as Transfiguration, allowing the divine light and love of the practitioners to spark the divine light of those asking for help.

The healing intention of both groups is not to lock people into their diagnosis or situation of suffering, but rather to lift them into their divinity!
- Sponsored Events

* SHAMANISM with Julianne Santini

Julianne Santini is a graduate of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies 3-Year Advanced Healing Program and Sandra Ingerman's 2-Year Shamanic Teacher Training. She is a member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. Come learn about one of her passions!

*Basic Shamanic Journeying: Sat, Jan 29, & Sun, Jan 30, 9am-5pm, $165

The shamanic journey crosses the dimensional barrier between time and space. During this journey, the practitioner communicates with spirit helpers and then brings back guidance or healing to assist an individual or community. Come join our circle and learn how to meet and work with your power animals and spirit helpers. Learn about core shamanism, the original role of the shaman in indigenous societies, and the keys to successful journeying in a modern society. Please bring: a journal, bandana or eye-cover, a journey blanket, a rattle, and a rock the size of the palm of your hand.
(*This class is a pre-requisite for all other shamanic classes taught at Living Light.)

*Extraction Workshop: Sun, Feb 13, & Sun, March 13, 9am-5pm, $165

A core shamanic belief is that all illness is caused by spiritual disharmony. One powerful healing technique used in indigenous communities is extraction. This method removes patterns of energy that are part of illness. In this two-day workshop, you will learn various extraction techniques from around the world, discover how to remove unneeded patterns of energy, and learn how to direct them to a place where they will be harmless. Come experience how removing the spiritual component of illness can open the pathway of healing both physical and emotional symptoms! Please bring: a journal, bandana, blanket and rattle. (*Pre-requisite: Basic Shamanic Journeying.)

*NEW Dream Weavers Shamanic Group: 4th Thurs of each month, 7-9pm, $20 donation

Are you interested in being a member of a shamanic community that will gather monthly to deepen your own personal practice? See the "Monthly Events" section to read more about the group.

Our first gathering in January will focus on sacred rhythms. You will learn Native drum teachings and drum care, participate in journeying to the sacred drum, learn Tuvan drum healing techniques, use sacred rhythms to invoke healing virtues, and participate in a medicine drum ceremony. (*Please bring a drum if you have one.)

In February, there will be a guest facilitator, Lauloa Grace, who practices Hawaiian Shamanism. She will help us flow from sacred rhythms into movement with Ke Lele, which means "The Flight." This is an ancient Hawaiian breath and movement practice brought forth by Kahuna (Hawaiian shamans). This prayerful pattern will give you the opportunity to discover new ways of moving through life. Ka Lele was designed to promote balance, wholeness and unlimited expression in one's body and Being. Hele Mai, "Come!" Be uplifted and rejuvenated.

*Angels on Assignment Reunion Gathering: Tues, Feb 8, 7-9pm, $15 fee

Calling all Angels on Assignment! Come together for an evening of camaraderie. Let's have fun working together on behalf of the Earth & humanity anchoring the Angelic Rays of Light. How long has it been since we've all been together? (Two volunteers will be needed. Let me know if interested.)

*Angels on Assignment, one-on-one training

This private training is open to those experienced in meditation and/or shamanic journeying. Learn how to journey using your light vehicle and recognize yourself as an "ANGEL ON ASSIGNMENT." Each session is designed to assist you in anchoring a new frequency of light for personal growth as well as healing for the planet. Also, practice a series of meditation processes focusing on the keys and codes of consciousness to strengthen your energy body and Soul connection.

Pre-registration is needed for all above classes/sessions. Please contact shamanic practitioner, Julianne Santini at 603-494-5571 or @ JS@LivingLightLLC.com.

* SOMATICS with Noreen Owens

Living Light welcomes guest facilitator, Noreen Owens, M.Ed. She teaches others how to relieve and prevent their own pain through a mind-body re-education program that restores muscle resilience through sensory motor awareness training. She offers both private sessions and workshops. She was trained in a three year program at the Somatic Systems Institute in Northampton, MA and was certified as a Hanna Somatic Educator by the Novato Institute for Somatic Research & Training in Novato, CA. She is the author of Where Comfort Hides. Visit www.owensomatics.com for more information about Somatics.

*Somatics: 5-Month Series on the 4th Monday of the month, 7-9pm
$45 per workshop/$200 for 5-month series

The stiffness and pain caused by sensory motor malfunctioning is commonly diagnosed and treated as structural problems requiring surgery, meditation, or long-term therapy. Your brain controls your muscles. When your unconscious brain is holding muscles in a chronically contracted state, only your brain can relax them through conscious awareness. You don't need to have pain to improve comfort and ease of movement. You will be lying on the floor, with your eyes closed, as you are guided through slow gentle movements. There is no stretching or force involved. In fact, the less effort you use, the more you gain. In each workshop you will learn how to continue to manage and expand your own comfort in just minutes a day. Dress comfortably to all classes.

1. Lengthening Tight Back, Neck & Shoulder Muscles-Jan 24th
2. Lengthening Waist Muscles-Feb 28th
Feel taller, relieve scoliosis pain, gain freedom of motion in your hips and shoulders, and expand breathing.
3. Releasing Tight Hamstrings-March 28th
Forcing tight hamstring muscles to relax through stretching will cause them to tighten more in self-protection. Learn a more effective non-stretching approach.
4. Freeing Hips & Legs-May 23rd (Note: No April Workshop)
Relieve sore hips, aching legs, stiff knees, and painful feet.
5. Freeing Neck & Shoulder Muscles-June 27th

To register or answer questions, call Hanna Somatic Educator, Noreen Owens, at 603-772-3301 or contact her through www.owensomatics.com.


Living Light is pleased to welcome back guest facilitator, Lauloa, to offer her Sacred Hawaiian Bodywork called Lomilomi. Lauloa was trained in Kalele (the breath and movement practice that builds the mana or "Divine Life Force," Lomilomi Mauli 'Ola and Lomilomi Lapa'au certification. In her first training, she was given the name Lauloa meaning "Great Medicine." After years of further training, Kahuna Harry 'Uhane Jim gave her the meaning of "Great Heart Medicine." And, most recently, she was given "Heavenly Heart Activator." Lauloa continues to be deeply moved by the Aloha Spirit of Hawaii and Lomilomi. She is also an avid student of Enlightened Master Her Holiness SaiMaa. Her other training includes: Certified Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Licensed Brain Gym Instructor and Occupational Therapist.

*Lomilomi: Available dates--Fri, Feb 25--Thurs, March 3

Lomilomi is a profoundly nurturing, and transformational form of bodywork that originated in the ancient temples of Hawaii. With Lomilomi, your body, mind and being are soothed, relaxed, renewed and refreshed. Imagine being filled with the Spirit of Aloha. It's as if your senses light up, breathing in the fragrance of the flowers, hearing the rhythm of the waves, feeling the warmth of the sun, and the gentleness of the breeze. Some have even said that it is like a mini-vacation to Hawaii! Choose from two forms of Lomilomi each of which Lauloa customizes in order for you to receive the maximum benefit for your life.

1. The Traditional Hawaiian Healing-Lomilomi Lapa'au
This powerful clothes-on intuitive energy work session, utilizes a variety of modalities. 1.5 hours $120

2. The Sacred Rite of Passage-Lomilomi Mauli Ola
The anointing of oil begins this celebration of you. Breathing the Breath of Life, Lauloa listens deeply, dancing the choreography of your Soul, activating your remembering. 2 hours $180 or 3 hours $270.

For more information and to book a session, call Lauloa Grace at 408-930-9993.

(*Don't miss her demonstration of Kalele as well as her movement instruction on Thurs, Feb 24th, at 7pm at the NEW Dream Weavers Shamanic Group.)

with Laura Turlington & Lucca Di Matteo

Join us in welcoming back guests Laura Turlington and Lucca Di Matteo from One Community Programs. They are the co-founders of OCP and trained in the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz, author of "The Four Agreements." They combine this ancient lineage with the elemental traditions and their nurturing and compassionate natures to guide people in workshops and journeys to explore authenticity, free their energy, and manifest their heart's desire. Laura and Lucca are dedicated to merging the spiritual and the everyday, building awareness of the interconnectedness of all life, and supporting the evolution of humanity into an era of creativity, balance and unity.

*CoreConnecting Intensive: Ten months on Saturdays 10am-5pm, $125/workshop

This CoreConnecting Intensive is designed to motivate participants to live life purposefully. Through the specifics gates of CoreConnecting, learn self-awareness techniques, free personal energy, develop sustainable choice-making, and inspire conscious action in the world. CoreConnecting works by taking experiential lessons and grounding them for practical, everyday use. This highly focused program requires a one year commitment.

Workshops will take place monthly for ten months on Saturdays from 10am-5pm.

Dates: (2010) 10/23, 11/20 & (2011) 1/15, 2/12, 3/12, 4/9, 5/7, 6/4, 7/16, 9/10
Cost $125 per workshop. Advanced purchase discounts available.

Registration necessary! Contact facilitators, Laura Turlington & Lucca Di Matteo at 203-215-0070 or laura@onecommunityprograms.com. For more information on OCP, go to www.onecommunityprograms.com

* MASSAGE with Bernadette Binnie

Bernadette Binnie is a great addition to the Living Light team! She is a Licensed Massage Therapist of Empyrean Massage & Bodywork. She offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic Stone Healing Therapy, Sports, Reflexol&gy & Reiki. Go to www.myempyreantouch.com to take advantage of any new offers. To schedule an appointment, call Bernadette at 603-660-2113. Come experience her healing hands!

* ENERGY WORK with Helen Cormier

Helen Cormier is a heart-centered healer and teacher with a passion for energy work. She began her Usui Reiki practice back in 1998. She offers a wide array of other healing modalities: Transformational Breathwork, Shambhala & Karuna Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Magnified Healing. She is a gift to her clients as well as her students, for Helen truly lives what she teaches. Don't miss the opportunity to work with her in her new office! Call Helen Cormier at 603-434-5131 or reikisport@aol.com for a private session, to set up a class, or participate in the monthly Energy Share for practitioners.

with Lauren Rainbow

Lauren Rainbow is a Psychic Medium. In 2009, Lauren was honored as the "Best Psychic in NH" by New Hampshire's Magazine. In a session with Lauren, you can look into the present state of your life and receive empowering guidance to help you create the future you want. As a medium, Lauren can also connect to your dearly deceased and bring healing messages from the beyond. Lauren has been featured on several radio stations in NH including WZID, The Wolf and the Planet as well as spiritual Blog Radio Show: Walking the Path.

We're thrilled Lauren is calling Living Light her home. Come experience her psychic gifts! You are welcome to schedule in-person or phone sessions with her. Fees: 1/2 sessions are $45, and 1 Hour $65. To schedule, please contact Lauren at 603-674-6580 or laurensrainbow@gmail.com. Also check out her "Psychic Medium Practice Group" under the Monthly Event Section

* NATURAL HEALTH with Andrea Paquette

Andrea Paquette is a holistic nurse practitioner that provides natural remedies and healing services to adults and children who wish to reach their optimal health. She specializes in weight and stress management, lifestyle coaching and mental health issues. Are you interested in weight loss? You can register with her to participate in an 8- week Transitions Lifestyle System Program or the new 30 Day Program. For more information, contact Andrea at 603-620-3002 or andreapaquette@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

* Friends of Living Light

- Her Holiness SAI MAA with HIU

Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi is a dynamic visionary and spiritual master dedicated to global enlightenment and to eliminating pain & suffering of humanity by bringing to the world her experience as a humanitarian, teacher, speaker, counselor, therap&st & healer. She is the founder of Humanity in Unity. "YES TO LIFE!" with H.H. Sai Maa, Chicago-May 12-15, 2011, $350. Save the date! For more information, go to www.humanityinunity.org or call to register at 303-996-0123.

Donna Mitchell-Moniak at SPIRIT FIRE MEDITATIVE CENTER, Leyden, MA

Donna is founder and manager of Spirit Fire Meditative Center. She offers an array of meditation and astrology classes. Her core class is The Practice of Living Awareness-this four-day meditation retreat (offered throughout the year) provides instruction, group meditation, meals, lodging and energetic support for you to become aware, awake and realized. In this way, every person can become a part of the growth and change of consciousness in the world. To request more information, go to info@spiritfire.com.

Lisa Jones at NIA NH & YOGA

Lisa Jones has taught breath awareness classes since 1998. She received her first Breath Facilitator Certification from the Transformational Breathwork Foundation and then went on to graduate from the Power of Breath Institute, meeting requirements for certification by the International Breathworker's Training Alliance. Lisa is the owner of Nia NH and Yoga in Amherst, NH. She is a welcomed guest at Living Light. For more information, go to www.niaandyoga.com.


Beth Crawford is a well-respected local Reiki Master Teacher-dedicated to the goal of bringing Reiki into the "mainstream." Beth is an insured member of IARP, an ordained interfaith minister, a NH Notary Public, and a student of self realization and Paramahansa Yogananda. She received her Usui/Tibetan Master Teacher Training from William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training. Living Light congratulates her on her growing practice! Check out her new space and visit her at www.BethCrawford.com.

40 So. River Rd., #63 Bedford, NH 03110
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